Do I Need Fire Doors If I Have A Loft Conversion – OakwoodLoft

Do I Need Fire Doors If I Have A Loft Conversion – OakwoodLoft

Loft conversions are a great way to increase space without the hassle and cost of building out. However, they can be an expensive process for homeowners that don’t go over all considerations first. Follow these common FAQs if you’re looking into getting one done in your own home:

1. Do Fire Doors need to be fitted in loft conversions?

The fire doors are designed to act as a barrier in the event of an emergency. The Building Regulations provide that when converting existing roof areas into rooms, or more spaces, consideration for escape need to be made. This often means adding new and improved protection throughout old parts of your house- like creating access through additional fire-resistant doors and partitions by stairways were necessary during loft conversions which typically result in two stories worth of space with stairs leading up from ground floor levels to first floors (or vice versa).

A loft conversion can be a great way to add an extra level of space to your home. But as anyone who has ever thought about converting their attic or basement knows, it’s not easy just leaving them exposed and open – that would mean no protection from fire! To make sure you’re safe during those cold winter months, we will install fire doors on any new escape routes so the only thing standing between a family and safety is some glass windows.

2. Do fire doors in a loft require door closers?

As many homeowners complained about the aesthetics of fire doors with self-closers, Building Regulations now allow them to be fitted without. However, it is important for people who use these doors at night to remember that they must keep them closed to provide maximum protection from fires and smoke inhalation during emergencies such as housefires or gas leaks.

Building regulations have been updated so that fire door suppliers can install their products without including a self-closing mechanism on each one due to complaints from some homeowners. To prevent high levels of danger when using this type of product outside specific hours (for example late at night) users should take care not only to close all exits but also ensure no others are obstructed by furniture etc.

3. Are Fire Doors Heavy?

With the average weight of a fire door being 45kg, it can be hard to open and close them with minimal effort. When fitted correctly however they provide an assurance that is often needed for people who are upgrading their homes rather than moving into new houses due to the fear of failure in satisfying building regulations. Understanding how loft conversions may affect your home’s safety means understanding what you need to do as well; whether or not this will save you time later on down the line from having renovation costs piling up when trying.

If you would like to discuss your project or thinking of doing a loft conversion and need any advice please contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable fire door experts.

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