How Disruptive is a Loft Conversion – OakwoodLofts

How Disruptive is a Loft Conversion – OakwoodLofts

The third most frequent concerns we get from prospective buyers are about disruption, aside from difficulties about planning approval for a loft renovation and the total cost that it would be. This ranges from concerns about how long a loft conversion would take, what exactly is going to happen to your house, and how your lifestyle could change. Many people want to know if they will remain in their house when the loft conversion is being installed.

Loft conversions to your house are destructive. There are no two ways of doing that. They change the upper area of the house entirely, and some are more dramatic than others. In the long run, though, the work is eventually worth it, so it’s necessary to have an understanding of how a loft conversion will interrupt your life.

How long does a conversion to a loft take?

First of all, it takes about 12 weeks to complete the typical loft conversion. Remember that this is an average; some take a little while less (as little as 8 weeks), some of them will take a little while longer (as much as 16 weeks). Various variables will adjust the loft conversion speed’s completion, but there are only 3 main variables.

First of all, there’s the loft kind. A basic roof light loft conversion entails installing internal stairs and flooring to the roof of your building, as well as Velux windows, and generally upgrading the room to be habitable. Meanwhile, a mansard loft conversion is the most destructive, involving major alteration to the entire roof before the interior construction can even begin.

The quickest to undertake, and often the least destructive, is also a basic roof light or Velux loft conversion. Such loft conversions, such as conversions of the mansard loft, hip-to-gable, and dormer lofts, change the house more disruptively and structurally. They also appear to need further procedures for planning authorization.

Secondly, the house theme is there. Placed older houses need more detailed planning and work procedures (particularly those in protected and listed areas), whereas newer buildings are far easier to add a loft.

Finally, there’s your loft’s architecture. At Specific Build, we specialize in custom lofts. We’re doing everything we can to create your dream loft to your specification. That said, it may also take longer to complete more complex and detailed designs, especially those containing built-in furniture or uncommon use of space.

Stages in designing a loft

However, beyond this, a loft requires two phases of its construction: the outer and the inner construction.

The outer build includes construction being done on your roof. It needs outside scaffolding and contractors jumping about on the roof of your house literally. As mentioned above, this can be as easy as placing the Velux window space in. Yet dormer lofts, hip-to-gable loft conversions, and mansard conversions all cause the roof itself to be substantially changed. Although this is the most disruptive aspect of your house’s conversion, it’s really very negligible for you and the people residing inside it.

The exterior structure may shift the shape of your home, but for you and your family, it’s really not especially disruptive.

During interior work, damage to your life is more evident. The most crucial move is putting a staircase in the building, enabling you to reach the loft. We try to keep this to a minimum, to finish a staircase within 1-2 days, with some plasterwork still being carried out. Many of the internal work is scarcely visible to you and your family after that.

Various specifications, distinct disturbances

The other big influence can come from those who need to perform flooring modifications. This is a minority of lofts, and upfront, we will always remind you. But to suit under construction codes, a loft requires a minimum of 2 meters from floor to ceiling. For some people, as we begin the project, this space isn’t there, meaning we need to find solutions to create space to have more headroom. Again, few lofts require this, but it can be noisy, and often it involves dropping the rooms’ ceilings below.

The more specific and personalized attributes you incorporate into your loft plan, the more time it will take, the more destructive it can be.
Other small disturbance factors lie in how you intend to use the rooms. Some rooms are simpler to kit out than others and less problematic. A new bedroom or maybe a lab tucked away? There, you’ll hardly hear anybody. But it can be both more expensive and more disruptive for something like a bathroom.

Choosing the best firm

Many of the effects on your life depend on the corporation you employ outside of these building factors. We are proud of recruiting workers and delivering a service that ensures that you don’t just get a fantastic build-you to get minimal chaos and are still clear where things are at all times.

Every customer we’ve ever had has reflected on how much they have loved our employees’ company. Our employees are just people-people. We don’t do grumpy folks or people with whom you find you can’t lift concerns and issues. This is your house, and we would really want you to address any questions with our employees.

Furthermore, we regard your home as if it were our home. At the end of the project’s single day, we are diligent in eliminating chaos and still tidy up. Our mission is to ensure that it never looks like you have a loft conversion completed, and the less effective we have on your home and livelihood, the better.

To help further reduce disruption, we can even provide a few complimentary extras along the way in your quote. We will have a portaloo on-site, for instance, so that our workers can use the toilet instead of using it.

Disruption is worthwhile

Rest assured, the process is still worthwhile and completely worth a loft conversion. Although there are cycles of chaos, including the often major systemic improvements in your home, many people are shocked by how trivial this disruption can be. You’ll be left with a room that also boosts your family’s livelihood and also greatly increases your house’s value.

Book us for a free consultation if you’re nervous about how a loft conversion could change your life. We’re going to answer any questions you have, look at building your dream loft space, and give you a quote for the job.

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