Loft Conversion Furniture Ideas – OakwoodLofts

Loft Conversion Furniture Ideas – OakwoodLofts

Have you ever dreamt of living in a treehouse? You can now live out your childhood fantasy with the help of an attic room conversion. This is where we take that little-used space under the roof and turn it into additional habitable floor areas, opening up new possibilities for use – whether as extra lounge rooms or bedrooms to free up busy homes from overcrowding, guest accommodation if needed, or even open plan kitchen spaces! And because this addition will not affect any other part of your property’s size (unlike extensions), there are no worries about overburdening land which could ultimately see its value drop.

Loft Conversion Ideas

1. Escape to a peaceful living room

Creating a relaxing space in your home is not only beneficial for you but also provides opportunities to throw parties and enjoy time with friends or family. One way of doing this would be by creating an attic loft area that enables everyone the chance to have their own personal space while still being able to interact when they want to.

Keeping it casual with two comfy sofas in neutral tones that are perfect for cuddling up after an exhausting day out, as well as adding some extra accessories such as a pouf table and rug will give guests something else other than just sitting down all night long!

2. Add a tranquil guest room

You may not always have room in your attic for a master bedroom, particularly if you live with little ones. So instead of turning it into another playroom or office space that will be taken up by family members when they come to visit, choose the attic as an ideal guest suite! Your loved ones can sleep comfortably without worrying about waking any children early and enjoy more peace during their stay – even if you don’t want them there permanently!

3. Elevate the kitchen

Creating a new flat within the loft of your home can help you make more room when guests come over. You really want them to feel at home, don’t you? If not for anything else than their own comfort! With an elevated kitchen and bathroom with sinks positioned below countertops on each side for washing hands or dirty dishes in one basin while cooking food from the other end, any guest will become comfortable right away.

4. Open out to a balcony

This barn conversion’s master bedroom has a Juliet balcony that is perfectly designed around the building’s timber structure. The roof space, where it might be tricky to fit Velux windows or dormers in the slope of the roof, feels all the more opulent for this addition. This touch makes guests feel extra pampered as they enjoy their stay and take in views from up high!

5. Let the structure shine

The owners of this converted coach house managed to squeeze a bathroom into the eaves. They wanted it to reflect its heritage, so they kept the original timbers exposed and painted them white for a light airy feel reminiscent of old English-style bathrooms.

6. Zone the open-plan space

The beauty of extending into the loft is that it creates a generous amount of space for building large, open-plan rooms. However, because sloped roofs often dictate an open design layout with no ceilings to speak of and only partial walls separating spaces, clever zoning can help create multifunctional purposes within this one expansive room – bedrooms or home offices, as well as playrooms, are all possible by way over creative partitioning!

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