Loft Conversion in Hassocks

Having spare space in your house can be very convenient, especially when the room comes at a lower cost. One way to achieve it is through a loft conversion. That’s where Oakwood lofts come in handy. We cater to personalized and professional loft conversions in Hassocks.

While most companies don’t consider your needs, we aim to provide a personal customer service level. We are also incorporating high standards into your loft. Oakwood loft consists of a team of experts under the management of Jay and his father, Mick. With over thirty years of experience in loft conversion, we are the best in the Hassocks industry. Either you have a design or not. We will help you choose what works for you and your family.

Hip to Gable views

Do I Need a Loft In Hassocks

Yes, you do. A loft conversion in Hassocks has a lot of benefits. Creating space and adding light to your home is one of them. Studies from the Nationwide Building society show that a loft conversion will add value to your home. Approximately an increase of 21%. Moreover, it is less costly than traditional home extensions. You will get an extra room without having to take space from your garden.

Oakwood lofts services get fully tailored to meet your needs and offer ideas to help your dream come true. We deal with everything concerning the project. From the initial design, safe installations of electrical and plumbing systems. Also, we take care of the final stage of signing off with building control.

The loft conversion will utilize the unused space above your head in a home. Thus creating extra space for bedrooms, libraries, office space, storage space, living rooms, and bathrooms. At Oakwood, we focus on three types of a loft conversion including:

A Dormer Loft Conversion: Where we extend your current roof to create floor space and headroom. The design will include a variety of shapes; however, the most common is a box shape.

Hip To Gable Loft Conversions: Are mainly done to houses with hip roofs because they have inadequate space to make a loft. Thus, the rooftop will undergo significant changes to create more space.

Velux Loft Conversion: That consists of no significant changes to the existing shape of the roof. Also, you don’t require the planning permission to carry out the conversion.

Whether you choose a dormer loft, a hip to gable loft, or a roof light loft, you can be sure that Oakwood will deliver. You will get guided through every step of the project to ensure nothing is amiss and stress-free.  Get Oakwood lofts for an experienced team that will care and consider your needs. We promise very high-standards in every project. Our testimonials and recent projects will help you make an informed decision regarding other people’s experiences.

Oakwood loft will meet your loft needs completely in Hassocks with the help of our outstanding staff. Contact our crew of experts and discuss your next project or any questions you may have.

Why Oakwood Lofts Is a Better Choice

Here at Oakwood Lofts, you will receive a professional and personal conversion service in Brighton. We build all types of conversions with more than 40 years of experience in the industry. Oakwood loft's main aim is to provide you with a personal level of service that caters to your needs.

Consequently, Oakwood Lofts is a family business run by Jay. His father, Mick, who works alongside Jay has been building lofts since the ‘90s. Thus, having vast experience in all aspects and types of loft builds. Oakwood lofts offer high-quality lofts from the initial design to the final completion sign off from building control.

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