Loft Conversion in Haywards Heath

A loft conversion in Haywards Heath is a great way to create more space in your house. The huge unutilized area in your loft is all you need to make that extra space a reality. Oakwood lofts will help you turn that space into any room that you desire. It could either be a bedroom, bathroom, living space, study area, an office, or extra storage space.

No matter the size of your loft or how wild your imagination is for your loft, Oakwood lofts has you covered. The additional space will also add value to your property by approximately 21% more. The Nationwide Building Society proves it. Hence, making it a worthwhile investment, especially since it’s a less expensive project than an extension to gain the same space.

velux rooflight conversion bedroom

Why Consider Oakwood Lofts

Oakwood Lofts is a family business that is based close to Sussex. The company consists of a team of experts lead by Jay and his father, Mick. Back in the ‘90s, Mick worked for one of the first substantial loft conversion companies in the south-east. Thus, making his vast level of experience in building loft unmatched.

With most companies operating without due care and the client’s consideration, Jay saw the need to found the company in early 2018. Thus, Oakwood lofts work at a personal level of customer service to bring your dream to reality. Also ensuring that their projects are of high quality.

Types of Loft Conversion

Different houses of design have different types of roofs. Loft conversion types you can choose according to your roof design in Haywards Heath include:

Dormer Loft Conversion: Which gets built into various styles that extend from the roof slope. Commonly created in a box shape by outspreading the existing roof. Thus, making floor space and headroom within the loft conversion.

Hip to Gable Loft Conversion: That involves extending your property on the sloping side. Hence replacing it with a vertical wall at the end and then filling space in between. The extra space is suitable but not limited to an office, lounge space, and play area.

Velux Loft Conversion: Is where the existing roof space is what gets utilized. Hence, no significant changes need to get made to the structure of the roof. Also, the requirements don’t include conversion permission since it is among the structural design.

Hip to Gable Conversion bathroom

Why Oakwood Lofts Is a Better Choice

Oakwood Lofts will come to your rescue in deciding the best type of conversion for your loft in Haywards Heath. We will consider your specific ideas if you have any while offering you expert options to choose from them. We will take care of the whole process to ensure you get a less stressful experience. Also, comprising of all installations of electrical and plumbing systems to the signing off with the building control.

Additionally, we thrive at excellent communication inside and outside of work hours. To confirm all these, you can check our testimonial page and the projects we have completed. To have the same experience as our clients, all you have to do is contact our team of experts. We are willing to answer all questions about your next project.

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