What is it?

Why a Velux roof light loft conversions in east & west Sussex?

Velux roof light loft conversions in east & west Sussex are among the simplest and least expensive loft conversion options. Millions of homes across the UK have already had roof light loft conversions carried out, and it’s not hard to see why they’re so popular – the work involves relatively little disruption and doesn’t require any changes to the existing shape of the roof.

The benefits of a roof light conversion

If your loft space already offers fantastic amounts of headroom, then a roof light loft conversion could be the perfect option for you.  Planning permission is not generally required for this work as it falls under the category of permitted development. This is because a roof light loft conversion does not require the loft to be extended beyond the line of the original roof.

In addition, roof lights can be fitted quickly and easily. The structure of the roof itself isn’t changed, and Velux windows are installed along the existing angle of the roof. This helps to ensure that they let in a generous amount of natural light so that your converted loft space is airy and bright.

Roof light loft conversions are also a good option where there are tight restrictions on planning – such as homes located in conservation areas, for example. Our experts here at Oakwood lofts will guide you through every step of the planning and regulatory process so that everything is boxed off where it needs to be. We have many years of experience in making roof light loft conversions a reality.

If you’re looking to turn your loft space into a study or an additional bedroom, for example, a roof light loft conversion could be the perfect choice for you.

Get in touch with the Oakwood Lofts team today to find out more. We know everything there is to know about loft conversions, and we’re always happy to answer your questions.


Velux roof light windows

For more information about Velux windows and the many different possibilities these windows allow in not only letting natural light into your loft but also the styles available, please view their online brochure HERE for inspiration.

Pros and Cons


  • Quicker build time
  • Less structural alterations to the roof
  • Cheapest type of conversion
  • roof lights allow a lot of natural light in and can be configured in many different ways.
  • No issues with permitted development rights


  • A lot less usable space compared to other types
  • Not as much value added to your property
  • staircase position is crucial due to needing 2mtr headroom at the top of the stairs which means they usually need to come up into the center of the loft
  • less options with the configuration of the space

What our customers say

I feel very lucky to have found Oakwood Lofts to build my loft conversion for me. Not only am I delighted with the end result, but Jay, Mick and the whole team were also a pleasure to work with and to have around. Everything has been finished to a beautiful standard (visitors have particularly complimented the carpentry) and I am grateful for Jay's sensible advice and good taste at various points throughout the process.


How long does a roof light conversion take?

Roof light conversions can take anything from 4 weeks to 8-10 depending on the size of the loft.

Do roof light conversions need planning permission?

Generally, you don’t need planning permission unless you live in a conservation area (you’ll need planning for any type of conversion there) and/or if you live in a flat (generally you won’t get planning permission for a rear dormer if you live in a flat, so a Velux conversion is the only option, but still needs planning permission).

Will adding a roof light conversion add value to my property?

Yes, a roof light loft conversions can increase the value of your home often by more than what you spend having the work done.

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