Things to Consider Before Deciding on a Loft Conversion – OakwoodLofts

Things to Consider Before Deciding on a Loft Conversion – OakwoodLofts

A loft conversion adds much-needed square footage to your home while also significantly increasing its value. In fact, studies show that improvements, such as a loft conversion, can increase the value of a home by as much as 20% above market value. Additionally, converting your home’s loft into usable space can save you money and the hassle of moving to a larger home.

You can do this in a variety of ways, but the most common method involves exposing the foundations to determine their depth and strength. The added weight will be carried by the foundation of your building, as well as the beams, pillars, and lintels.

Head Height

Before you begin your loft conversion, make sure your loft is high enough to support conversion. Certain lofts are simply insufficient and can result in a slew of issues. A standard loft must be at least 180 cm from the floor, according to building codes. However, for a truly comfortable room after conversion, your loft should extend beyond 230 cm from the floor to the roof.

Building Regulations

You do not need to apply for building regulations approval because a loft conversion is considered a minor home improvement project, but it wouldn’t hurt to do so. So, before hiring a loft conversion expert, it’s a good idea to get your project approved; however, you may be able to proceed with the project without doing so.

Even if you do not require building regulations approval, having it will reduce the risk of the project and make it easier for the builder to provide you with a fixed quote rather than relying on estimates.

Windows and Natural Light

The beauty of loft conversion is that you do not need to make major changes to allow for natural light. Skylights are an excellent choice for your new loft space, as they will provide all the necessary natural light. Skylights are also a good way to save money on energy bills because they keep your home warm in the winter. You can even install skylights that can be opened in the summer to keep your room from becoming stuffy.

Fire Safety

There are security implications, especially with fire safety, if you change the structure of your home. If the widen are large enough to serve as an emergency exit, while loft conversions in a bungalow will have very little effect on fire safety, it is impossible to say the same thing for two-story constructions. The new floor requires new plaster onto the ceilings underneath, to provide additional fire protection, and a fire door onto the new stairs must separate the converted loft. Furthermore, the new room will need a window large enough to act as an emergency exit.


Insulation is required if you want to make your new loft comfortable to live in. One of the most important aspects of a conversion loft is heat insulation, but due to changes in energy efficiency standards, it is no longer as simple as it once was. The isolation between the rafters and the roof covering will need to be repaired in many cases. It does, however, benefit from your new loft’s airtightness. Adding underfloor heating to provide extra warmth during the colder months may also be a good idea.


The correct construction of the stairs to the new loft is one of the difficult aspects of the conversion on a loft. Due to the narrow and tightness of the lofts, it can be hard to get to the stairs. While it is fine to use narrow stairs to fit the small loft, it is impossible to furnish them. You can choose a stair design off-the-shelf, but it cannot be your best. Loft converting requires custom stairs built and installed by a specialist, but these stairs are usually more costly than their counterparts purchased from the shop.

Storage Space

When you convert your loft, you should expect to lose some storage space. This can make your loft appear stale, cramped, and overburdened. As a result, creating storage space in a new loft will require some ingenuity.

Finally, while you can convert your loft into a DIY project on your own, you will not get everything right the first time. It is therefore recommended that you hire a loft transformation expert so that you can be proud of your home.

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